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ERP Software for Apparel, Garment, Textile, Fashion Manufacturing Industry

The easiest way to manage end to end Manufacturing, Inventory, Export, Trading

A Simple to use ERP Software for Garment, Textile, Apparel Manufacturing companies with end-to-end automated functionalities

Is your business growing at a rapid pace and beyond the control of excel sheets & just accounting software?

VERTS Garment/ApparelManufacturing ERP Software integrates all processes such as Leads Management, Merchandizing, Production Planning, Manufacturing, Job Work, Purchase planning, Warehouse Management in a single software.

Article/Item Based Garment/Apparel ERP Software. All Purchases related to Particular Article No. Immense Experience in Implementing Small to Medium scale Garment/ Textile/Apparel ERP

Core Garment/Apparel ERP Software Modules


  • Whether it's vendor Onboarding process or streamlining the Purchase Processes. Our vast yet simple-to-use Purchase System brings great efficiency to the organization. It provides you Enterprise-Grade features such as Purchase Forecasting, Purchase Planning, Purchase Indents/Requisitions, & Purchase Orders.
  • The system brings lots of automation by creating Purchase Order/Purchase Requisition based on the Reordering Rule or based on the Sales Order.


  • Automated your Sales Process by direct linking with CRM.
  • Simple to use sales module lets you send manage multiple versions of the quotation & create Sale Order from the Quotation itself.
  • Sale Orders are linked with Inventory & Purchases.

Inventory & Warehouse

  • Fully integrated Inventory/Warehouse Management system follows Accounting Principle for Inventory Movement - Double Entry System. This means for every product movement it will be deducted from one location & added to another location. This mechanism helps you in having accurate information all the time. Avoids Pilferage and keeps audit processes very simple.
  • An extensive list of reports provides you with a 360-degree view

Finance & Accounting

  • ERP provides you not only a basic Accounting Package to create Customer Invoices & Vendor Bills, but it also provides you with all processes related to Financial Management. So, it's one place for you to Plan & Manage Budgets, Assets, Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Sheets, Cash Flow, etc.
  • The system is so intuitive that even management people with little or no knowledge of any accounting software can check the health of the organization. They don't have to depend on the Accounting & IT team for the reports.

Flexibility to manage various Apparel Manufacturing Processes through Apparel ERP Software

  • Cutting

  • Dyeing

  • Printing

  • Knitting

  • Weaving

  • Embroidery

  • Washing

  • Socks Knitting

  • Other Processes

Garment /Apparel Job Works

Do you outsource some or all of your Garment/Apparel manufacturing processes?

Our system gives you an edge in managing complicated business scenarios of job work outsourcing.

Are you also facing issues in managing Job Works?

VERTS Garment Manufacturing ERP Software lets you do not only Quality Control, but also let you manage job work orders with buffer & tolerances.

Are your Job Works invoices not automated yet?

Easy way to manage invoices related to the Job Works. All manual work of invoices is automated, your concerned person has to review & approve.

Merchandising & Sample Management

Get the best out of your Merchandising, Sales Team by using our Merchandising, & Sample Management Modules

Exports Management -Manage all of your export management processes easily

  • Letter of Credit

  • ARE

  • Insurance Management

  • Packing List

  • Custom Invoice

  • Commercial Invoice

  • Shipping Bill

  • Bank Documents

  • Drawbacks

Multiple companies in the Apparel, Garment, Fashion & Textile Industry are using our ERP Software

Want to know how we are au tomating their Manufacturing processes?




Job work



HR & Payroll


Quality Control