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Education Processes Simplified

Streamline the complete education lifecycle with our robust Education ERP Software, designed to manage admissions, student records, curriculum, and more, ensuring seamless efficiency and data accuracy

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Education ERP Software for Higher Educational Institutes and Colleges

Educational institutions worldwide are undergoing fundamental shifts in how they operate and interact with their students, faculty, and corporations and handle their internal operational processes. To compete successfully, they must therefore adopt best practices to enable them to consistently interact with their diverse stakeholders in a highly personalized and efficient manner. At every touch-point across the education lifecycle, institutions should deliver the kind of differentiated experience required to attract applicants, retain active students, attract corporations for placement and maintain quality relationships with alumni.

Our Online Cloud-based Education ERP for Higher Education, Colleges is a cost-effective solution covers that cover the entire education life cycle, Student  Information Management System, Faculty Management, Course management, Enrolment and Examination Management along with integrated financial management 


Inquiry Management

  • Help institutes in designing, recruitment, and marketing campaigns to attract new students and have customized communication with prospective students. 

  • Also, help them assess campaign effectiveness by calculating ROI from different campaigns that they run

Enrollment Management

  • Create an easy-to-follow simple and transparent registration process to make quick and easy enrollment.

  • Online Enrollment

  • Planned Admissions

  • Seats Management

  • Integrated Communication

  • Document Management

Student Management

  • Keep all student information in one place for easy access where and when needed to make informed decisions.

  • Activity and Achievements

  • Health Information

  • Address & Parental Information

  • Detailed Student Profile

  • Student Categorization

  • Multiple Course Admission

  • Application & Admission

Faculty Management

  • Easily manage information of faculty like skills, degrees, courses, and previous employment records.

  • Faculty Profile

  • Skill Tracking

  • Connected with HR Management

  • Class Room Scheduling

  • Course Scheduling

  • Payroll & Expenses

Course Management

  • Efficiently manage courses, subjects, and sessions for the educational institute with the click of a button.

  • Curriculum

  • Lesson Plan

  • Course Hierarchy

  • TimeTable

  • Transcript

  • Report Card

Exam Management

  • Schedule examination through various methods like CCE, CPA, and much more with just a few clicks.

  • Multiple Evaluation Methods

  • Online Exams

  • Automated Report Card

  • Statistical Reports and Charts

Financial Management

  • Manage financial activities through various payment methodologies and a flexible payment system.

  • Easy Collection Process

  • Automated Fees Reminder

  • Expense and Income

  • Complete Financial Management Suite

  • Easy Reconciliation

  • Assets and Liabilities

  • Detailed Compliance Reports

  • Balance sheets, Profit & Loss & General Ledger

Placement Management

  • Maintain all data related to corporates for placement in one place

  • Maintain history of communication with specific corporates

  • Run vertical-specific  customized  campaigns  to  attract corporations and increase visibility in the corporate world

Alumni Management

  • Maintain all the Alumni records with updated information on their current profile and work

  • Connect with Alumni through personalized emails to promote alumni programs that can generate contributions and participation. 

  • Target the right alumni for the right opportunity and promote continuing education programs